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Car Parts Used

Search our site for hard to find, rare and cheap Car Parts Used. Since 1964, Rockwood Auto Parts has carried Used Auto Parts Michigan for cars and trucks. We carry all kinds of parts, for both Domestic and Foreign vehicles. We issue a standard, 30-day warranty, and it is our diligence in providing, quality Car parts Used that sets us apart from others.

Browse our online store. You will find rock bottom prices on things like engines, transmissions, axles, and pulleys. You pick and buy your parts and we ship them directly you in a timely manner. Shop our large selection of Car Parts Used.

Our online part selector is easy to use. You can select parts from various areas of the car. We have things separated into these categories: Exterior Car Parts, Wheel Car Parts, Under the Hood Used Car Parts, Interior parts, engine car parts and underneath the car parts. We'd love to help you find cheap car parts used.

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If you need information about any of our services, please feel free to use our contact form, send us an e-mail to, or give us a call at 734-379-9651.

We can install anything we sell. Ask us about our labor rates and extended warranties. Towing is available for disabled vehicles.